Anna Błaszak

A legal counsel with more than 15 years’ experience. Anna Błaszak has acquired her legal experience in a renowned lawyers’ office, specialising in labour law and services for international corporations, as well as large and medium-sized companies.

She has run the lawyers’ office for more than 10 years where together with her experienced team of lawyers she has served entrepreneurs with respect to the business law, commercial companies’ law as well as labour and social security law.

The long experience of Anna Błaszak was grounded e.g. by representing the Customers during at least several hundred audits carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution and the court disputes.

Anna Błaszak is an appreciated labour law auditor (including planning and settlement of working time), an author of scientific publications and legal articles in specialist periodicals, an experienced coach in relation to law, including but not limited to labour law.

W ATL Flor & Błaszak , she is responsible for the law and HR and payroll.