Ewa Flor

A licensed tax advisor (license no. 10233) with educational background in Economics and close to 20 years’ experience in accounting and taxes. She specialises in income taxes, VAT and accounting.

She has been the owner of a tax and accounting advisory office for more than 13 years.
She was a director of the Tax and Accounting Department in one of the largest Polish banks for over 8 years. The Manager in the largest international consulting companies, including Ernst & Young and BDO, with experience on the Chief Accountant position.

In the process of acquiring the licence of CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

The author of publications devoted to taxes. A coach and lecturer of tax and accounting problems at universities. A court expert in tax-related issues. Chairperson of the Lewiatan Tax Council at the Małopolski Confederation of Employers.

In ATL Flor & Błaszak, she is responsible for accounting and tax area.