Areas of activity

Pełna księgowość firm
Accounting services

We offer a full range of financial services for the company in the form of outsourcing. Total accounting services with tax consultancy and consultancy in the field of control and finance for the company.

Profesjonalne doradztwo podatkowe
Tax advisory services

We comprehensively support clients of our Law Firm by offering professional tax consultancy. Together with our clients, we try to develop solutions that minimize tax risk.

Kompleksowe doradztwo prawne
Legal advisory services

We comprehensively support clients of our Law Firm by offering legal solutions fully tailored to his needs. Legal advice is based on the highest quality standards and an individual approach to the client, oriented on understanding his business and the goals he wants to achieve.

Administrowanie kadrami i płacami ZUS
HR and payroll

The basic areas of activity include administration of human resources and payroll of our clients. As part of the service, we provide comprehensive service in the field of payroll settlement and personnel documentation.

Usługi dotyczące delegowania pracowników
Delegating employees

ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive services regarding the posting of employees abroad, conducting a full posting process for clients together with complete documentation for posted employees.

Doradztwo na rynku niemieckim
Business Advisory on the German Market

For Polish companies, Germany remains the most attractive market. However, starting a business in another country requires knowledge of local market requirements, as well as legal, tax and accounting support. Do you think about the German market? Contact us.

Obsługa w języku rosyjskim
Service in Russian

Companies from Ukraine, Russia, as well as other Russian-speaking countries, often operating on the Polish market, face complicated tax and legal regulations, they also need accounting and employee accounting support. We offer accounting in Russian for them.