Doradztwo na rynku niemieckim

Business Advisory on the German Market

Running a business activity abroad requires the knowledge of regulations, but also customs in a given country, or even the mental attitudes of its citizens. ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. supports entrepreneurs who already run or who want to start their activity on the German market.

Our expert is a person familiar with the economic reality of the German market who resides in Germany and speaks fluent German. This is also a top-quality expert who knows the Polish market well and has extensive relations both in Poland and in Germany.

ATL provides services related to:

  • introducing products on the German market,
  • intermediating when establishing business contacts,
  • founding companies and running foreign agencies,
  • accounting, legal and fiscal support.

ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. supports entrepreneurs from the moment of making the decision to entering the German market. Together with our Customers, we go through any formalities required to start the business activity, help to find vendors and also run any issues connected with the ongoing operations. We accompany our Customers at any stage of the company development.

ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. cooperates with trusted legal and fiscal offices in Germany.

To get more information and details of our offer, do not hesitate to visit our offices in Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw.