HR and Payroll Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw

Efficient management of HR and payroll is one of key drivers not only of the correct company operations, but also creating stable conditions for its development and expansion. A correctly managed HR and payroll system secures the entrepreneur’s interests and considers the employees? needs.

ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. offers ongoing HR and payroll services to its Customers in relation to the settlement of remunerations, keeping employee records or reporting. Our specialists have up-to-date knowledge of the applicable law and its interpretations. They are supported also by a legal counsel having long experience in the labour law and social insurance.

HR and payroll services ? what do we ensure?

  • Preparing monthly employee payrolls
  • Developing and managing an employee data base
  • Keeping monthly employess? timesheets
  • Developing employment contracts and civil law agreements
  • Preparing complete documents to register employees in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Developing and keeping employee files
  • Preparing documents connected with the employment records, amendment of the terms and conditions of employment and salary, as well as the termination of employment
  • Managing leaves, including e.g. planning them and keeping relevant records
  • Determining rights to compensations, equivalents, severance pays
  • Determining the periods of notice for the contracts of employment
  • Developing employment records
  • Issuing confirmations of employment and salary
  • Issuing certificates of employment and documents related to the termination of employment
  • Keeping the HR statistics required by the applicable law
  • Ongoing check of the duration of temporary agreements, acquisition of specific employee rights, mandatory medical examinations and OH&S training
  • Preparing employee documentation in connection with the determination of retirement and disability pension rights
  • Preparing HR statements and reports, including reports for accounting purposes
  • Preparing salary transfers to employees? bank accounts
  • Carrying out ongoing communication with competent authorities in any matters related to the attachment of salary
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns and insurance forms for employees and companies
  • Reviews, e.g. compliance, support during inspections and audits

The HR and payroll system is a demanding area because of frequent regulation amendments and it is worth trusting experts in this respect. We take over your complete responsibility for the implementation of any tasks entrusted to us. The detailed scope and method of operations can be discussed with our advisers in our offices in Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw.