Delegating employees

Delegating an employee to work abroad is subject to specific legal regulations and requires many complicated formalities both in Poland and in the country where the employee is delegated. It is worthwhile employing professionals to carry out this process.

Experts from ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o. will take your company through consecutive steps of the procedure and prepare the documents required by the law. We will protect your company from any adverse effects of any inspection in Poland and abroad and we will optimise any tax, insurance and labour-related aspects. We will help you minimise the costs of services related to the employee delegation and prepare for any claims made by them.

Delegating an employee abroad — scope of service:

  • Preparing legal opinions and expert reports
  • Carrying out legal and tax consultations, indicating the employer’s obligations
  • Carrying out audits, including analysis and check of meeting the terms and conditions for delegating the employee, risk identification and preparation of the best practices connected with delegating
  • Preparing comprehensive documents for people providing transboundary services
  • Settlement and calculation of salaries both in Poland and abroad
  • Controlling employees’ delegation periods
  • Preparing settlements for the Social Insurance Institution and documents for the National Labour Inspectorate
  • Ongoing review of amended regulations
  • Representing Customers in transboundary inspection procedures
  • Legal services in case of any court disputes

Delegating an employee abroad is a procedure considered unfeasible by many companies. With our support, you will go through the entire process efficiently and legally. Do not hesitate to consult us!