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Modern and professional accounting office. It offers reliable accounting assistance, HR and payroll support and comprehensive legal and tax advisory services to companies. We ensure financial safety of our Customers, contributing to the company development.

ATL Accounting & Payroll Sp. z o.o.

Our most important advantage is the interdisciplinary team of experts, including certified accountants, HR and payroll specialists, tax advisors and attorney-at-law with long experience cooperating with medium-sized and large companies as well as international corporations.



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Accounting services

Outsourcing of accounting makes it possible to increase the company effectiveness. The decision to entrust accounts to professionals leads to the reduction of company operating expenses and minimises operating risk. Let us take care of the accounting security of your company together.

HR and payroll

Development of contracts of employment, keeping personal files and calculating salaries may be even faster, more efficient and more effective. Professional support enables also to minimise the risk of any court disputes with employees. We offer access to the expertise and experience of qualified staff without the need to have specialist departments in your company.

Delegating employees

Delegating an employee to work abroad requires specialist knowledge related to HR and payroll, taxes and accounting not only resulting from the Polish law, but also from the law of the country the employee is delegated to. The correct handling of this process can be guaranteed solely by experienced and knowledgeable advisors.

Tax advisory services

Amended regulations bring about problems connected with their interpretation while the corporate transactions and econcluded agreements often require analysis with respect to their tax effects. Expert help means saving money and less stress during any audit. We will avoid tax errors together.

Legal advisory services

Any issues related to labour and social security law, business law and commercial companies law frequently require a lawyer`s intervention. The interests of companies which obtain the assistance of lawyers offices are safer and their negotiation position stronger. How to build a competitive advantage?

Business Advisory on the German Market

Germany has still been the most attractive market for Polish companies. However, to start your business activity abroad you need to know the requirements of the local market, as well as to have legal, fiscal and accounting assistance. Are you considering the German market? Contact us.

Our team

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Ewa Flor

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Anna Błaszak

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Joanna Wtorek

managing the accounting and taxation area.
Many years of experience as chief accountant/financial director. Holds qualification certificate No. 8923/98 authorizing to keep accounting books.

Joanna Zielińska

Chief Specialist accounting and taxes
A graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow, where she graduated in Finance and Accounting as well as Accounting and Controlling in the specialization: Accounting. He has over 6 years of experience in the industry, and in his professional work to date he specializes in conducting full accounting for companies from the construction industry, international trade, as well as companies providing programming services.

Magdalena Klimek – Wojewódka

Chief Specialist HR and payroll

Magdalena Bartos

Licensed tax advisor (entry no. 10705). Over 20 years of experience in CIT and VAT consulting. Worked at EY for 16 years (as a manager and senior manager responsible for the tax reporting team in EY's Katowice and Krakow offices).

Sylwia Abramek


Why should you choose us?

Our goal is to provide clients with comprehensive service for the company in each of the key areas of business and with the participation of experienced and competent experts.

We work closely with our clients at every stage. Together, we set a goal, and then we carefully select the tools and solutions that help us achieve it.

We approach each task in a reliable and timely manner.

We base our cooperation with the client on frequent contacts and regular reporting. We communicate all needs on an ongoing basis and pay attention to potential risks.

We strive for full customer satisfaction. We make sure that our Partners enter a higher level of business.


Clients about us:


About us

Our distinguishing feature is the close cooperation with Customers. Working at our Partner`s seats, we even become internal accounting departments for some. We determine and achieve the goals and tasks together. In the times of frequent law amendments and ambiguous interpretation, we show appropriate directions and solutions. We approach challenges boldly.

We operate on the highest level and using cutting-edge technologies. We keep improving the processes and internal procedures to ensure the solutions offered to the Customers satisfy their current needs. We provide services in Polish, English, German and Russian.

We are flexible. We have been trusted by Customers from various business sectors. We provide services in our offices in Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw, but also in the Customer`s seat.

We take care of your company finance efficiently. Do not hesitate to cooperate with us!


Contact us

poniedziałek – piątek: 9:00 – 17:00

ul. Lipska 8; 30-721 Kraków


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